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Never Worry About an Algorithm Update Again, a History

A few months ago at a keynote I asked people to embrace the HARD work of building a business [video]. We all fall in love with the concept of the four hour work week, don’t we…how can I make money and work less, right?  Who wouldn't. It’s natural.

The hard part is that almost every SEO I know who has a natural focus on scale has burned a more than their fair share of sites or clients in their career. There is just a mentality that comes along with the "scalable SEO", and it brings risks and baggage to many projects. I want to start getting people to think differently. If you can check out Bob Rains’ presentation from Distilled’s Search Love conference – (yes you have to pay, it's worth it) on why he’s turning white hat, you’ll get it. Scalable SEO is becoming HARDER work than you think and he's turning from Blackhat to White-ish.

Embracing the hard work, the time consuming, foundational building blocks needed to build almost any sustainable business (notice I am not saying a sustainable SEO strategy, I am talking about a sustainable business) is the key to long-term success. So copy this, print it out and tack this up in your cube…

There is no algorithmic update coming to correct rankings for tactics that are "doing hard work & connecting with customers".

Algorithmic updates are often targeted at those large-scale low quality SEO strategies, so lets just stop doing them. Let’s start with a historical view… 

Click Here For the full story, 'Never Worry About an Algorithm Update Again, a History'

21 Ways To Increase Your website / Blog Traffic

Click Here To find out 21 ways to increase your websites / blog traffic

How To Achieve Top Ranking SEO In Search Engines

In order to achieve top ranks in all major search engines and increse your web sites SEO, you need to understand the search and indexing mechanism of all the best popular search engines. Always remember, that there are no defined criteria to make your website on top of any search engines. You need to follow the basic guidelines set by them for a search engine friendly website. However, search engines experts suggest several tricks and tweaks that may help you in easy indexing of your website by search engine robots/crawlers.

The contents of your websites, META tags (Description and Keywords appearing on all pages), inbound links (links appearing on other websites but pointing to your website), and alternate text given on your images play an important role in easy indexing of your website. You can expect better ranks only if your website is equipped with all the above described things.

How Often Should You Add A Website Url To Search Engines?

After you submit your web site to the search engines for the first time, there is no reason why you should have to resubmit your website again. In fact, some search engine professionals believe that submitting multiple times over a short period of time, or submitting your URLs on a daily or weekly basis - when your site and pages are already in the index - can actually hurt your rankings. Re-sumbmit your website after a month or after any major wesite changes, is usually safe. But make sure you don't add a website url more then once a month. - See more at: http://webmaster-tools.co/free-search-engine-list/

One more thing that is very important for your websites performance in search engines is selection of right keywords and contents based on those keywords. Remember, if you are not targeting proper keywords, you may not get desired results. Therefore, in order to fix this issue, you need to do a proper analysis of your business domain and niche market along with keywords research prior to making any plans for online promotion of your website.

Usually search engine tracks your website through two popular mechanisms:

Links based tracking

The success of your website in top rankings is determined by the number of links point to your website. If your website has lots of incoming links from other top SEO rated websites in your niche, the possibility of success is more. Search Engine Submission, Affiliate Marketing, Directory Submission, Article Submission, Press Releases Distribution, and Blogs help a lot in achieving such quality inbound links.

Contents based tracking

This is relatively a complex mechanism of tracking your website. It depends upon the relevance of META tags (keywords and description) with the contents of different web pages in your website. Freshness of contents on your website enhances your chances of getting indexed easily.

Apart from these two popular mechanisms, you can also adopt other modes of online advertising like banner ad placements, paid submission, contextual advertising and social media marketing. These strategies are of great help if you want a quick interaction with your potential customers.

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